BIS 13xBISS NBOS VBISS GCH CH JNEK'S King Ralph JH ROM

A Top Producing Vizsla Sire of all Time
*Frozen Semen To Approved Bitches*
Sire of the 1st MACH 9 in the History of the Breed
Sire of MACH 4 CH JNEK's Royal Legacy JH
Sire of the 1st AKC Therapy Titled Dog in the History of the Breed

Vizsla Club of America "Show Dog of The Year"
1st AKC Eukanuba National Championship Breed Winner and Placer in Groups


December, 2001                             December, 2011

~Ralph's Career Stats ~
Date of Birth: May 14, 1998 - August 20, 2012

  All-Breed Sporting Dogs Defeated

  Best of Breed Vizslas Defeated

 123  Sporting  Group Placements
Group 1's  27
 Group 2's  18
 Group 3's  36
 Group 4's  42


    Field Trial Wins and Placements
AKC Certified List of Awards                                                                                     
VIzsla Club Of Illinois~ 2nd Place ~Open Puppy~ Judges:  Kelly Donham / Howard Shultz 
Vizsla Club of Illinois~ 4th Place ~ Amatuer Walking Puppy~Judges: Jim Busch / John Hott 
German Shorthaired Club WI.~ 1st Place ~Open Puppy~ Judges: Scott Stasiewicz / Joseph Marcinowski
Vizsla Club of Michigan ~ 3rd Place~ Open Puppy ~ Judges: Kathleen Yates DVM / Jim Yates

Best In Show 7/15/00
1,700 all breed defeated. 

                   Vizsla Club of Illinois Specialty Win~Best of Breed~Sporting Group Win~
Best In Show
At the young age of 26 months old.  

      Ralph receives his ROM at 5 yrs old
Vizsla Club of America Registry Of Merit 12/3/2003
lmost unheard of at that early age


                                            Vizsla Club of America Vizsla Top Producer

 2008 # 1 Top Producer

 2005 # 1 Top Producer

 2004 # 1 Top Producer

 2002  Top Producer

                    Dog Show Career Wins- Breed - All Breed
                       Ralph is ranked 8th in the country before he is a AKC Champion!

Westminster Dog Show

         2000  Award Of Excellence
         2001  Award Of Excellence
         2002  Award Of Excellence

         2003  Award Of Excellence
         2005  Award Of Excellence

Eukanuba AKC Invitational Dog Show
         2001 Best of Breed-Best Bred By-Sporting Group 3          

         2002 Award Of Excellence

         2004 No Dog Show
         2005 Best Of Opposite
         2006 Award Of Excellence

         2011 Best Bred By- Judges Award of Excellence- Bred By Sporting Group 4    

Vizsla Club of America National Wins        

         2000  Award of Excellence

         2001 Award of Excellence                                                                         

         2002 Best of Opposite

         2002 2nd Stud Dog

         2006 2nd Stud Dog

         2007 Award of Excellence

         2007 4th Stud Dog

         2007 1st Veteran

         2009 1st Veteran

         2009 Award of Excellence                                                                

         2010 1st Veteran

         2010  Grand Champion Select Male at 12 1/2 years old VCA 50th Nationals!
                    First Ever to Receive the Grand Champion Select Award


** 2011-Comes out of retirement to earn his Grand Champion title at 12 1/2 yrs young!!

Sporting Group 1 and Sporting Group 2 first weekend back in the show ring! 

Ranks him # 3 in the country.                   

All-Breed Sporting Group Dogs Defeated
Year           Rankings         Defeated
1999              5th               3,601     (7 months showing)
2000              3rd               6,087
2001              3rd               5,260
2002              3rd               2,356     #1 Breeder/Owner/Handled
2003              2nd               4,696    #1 Male In The Country #1 Breeder/Owner/Handled
2004              3rd                3,750    #1 Male In the Country # 1 Breeder/Owner/Handled 
2005              12th                748     Hardly Shown
2007              19th                518
          * 2007- Comes out of retirement to Win at the huge Chicago International Dog show.  Wins Best of Breed from the Veteran Class-Places in the huge Sporting Group and then Wins the Owner/Handled Sporting Group!  What a deserving Win for Ralph.  Many of his handler friends were so proud of him, and that he hasn't missed a beat!  He still has what it takes to Win

2011**            3rd                     370 ** 

Vizsla Dogs Defeated Breed Counts
Year       Rankings      Defeated
1999           5th           480   (7 months showing)
2000           3rd            717
2001           3rd            672
2002           3rd            466   #1 Breeder/Owner/Handled
2003           2nd           851   #1 Male In The Country  #1 Breeder/Owner/Handled
2004           2nd           950   #1 Male In The Country  #1 Breeder/Owner/Handled 
2005           13th          276     Hardly Shown

2011**        8th            45 (shown 3 times)

** 2011-Comes out of retirement to earn his Grand Champion title at 12 1/2 yrs. young!!

    First Weekend out Earns a Sporting Group 1 and Sporting Group 2

                              ~ Our Story ~

King Ralph ~ Annabelle & Katherine  were born on May 14, 1998.  They are my first litter!  Their parents CH Foxfire Russlure Buster MH "Russlure" and CH Quantum Abbey-Dabbey-Do SH "Abbey" our personal hunting dogs, Champions, Field Trial Gun Dogs, Senior and Master Hunters!  Not bad for our first dogs! All owner trained and handled!  
The combination of these two fantastic dogs produced Ralph-Annabelle and Katherine.  All three were/are our hunting partners and Field Trial dogs.  Ralph had Wins in Puppy-placements in Derby, Annabelle had placements in Puppy and Derby, and Katherine had placements in Puppy and Wins in Derby.  Little did we know that our lives would be changing. 
    That year the snow was too deep to hunt.  We started showing the three young pups. 
Ralph just ate it up!  He finished quickly, and  was ranked 8th in Breed and All-Breed before he finished his Championship!  His age 12 months- the year 1999.  His BEST IN SHOW came at the tender age of 26 months old!  His Best In Show was 1,700 dogs defeated!   Ralph is still the only Best In Show Vizsla pointed in the Field.  Since then our RALPH has amassed many wins at the Top Shows in The country.  Won at the Eukanuba seen on Animal Planet twice!  And placing in the most competitive of Sporting Groups.  All Owner Handled by our daughter Christine and myself.  Ralph's outgoing personality, and keen desire to know what to do when, is what separates him from all the rest.  His structure is flawless, holds a top line, an Upper arm to die for, his reach and drive is as smooth as it comes! 
This is what he passes onto his offspring!  Drive,Personality, and good health.  Thats what makes him the Top Producer in our Breed.  His get are not just Champions- thats a given!  They are Hunting dogs- Field Trial dogs-MACH Agility dog-Obedience UDX dogs-Senior Hunters-Therapy-Sporting Group Winners-Eukanuba-Westminster AOMs-  
                               All owner handled ~ and we wouldn't want it any other way! 
   Kathy and Jeff Engelsman
 Performance Dogs~Puppies Occasionally
 Illinois Vizsla Breeders

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