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   Kathy Engelsman   
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           Valerie Blaine owned by "Badge" ~ writes

JNEK Vizslas is top-notch.  For owners Kathy and Jeff Engelsman, producing quality dogs exhibiting the best of the vizsla breed are of paramount importance.  The Engelsmans are assiduous in every detail of breeding,placement,and training for excellence.  They follow up with expert advice and coaching for new owners, both in the field and in the show ring.  For their professionalism and "TLC" I can only give kudos to the Engelsmans and JNEK Vizslas.  

Tammy Sparks owned by "Lexi" ~ writes

I  can not even begin to express my appreciation for all the knowledge and support that has been conveyed to me by the Engelsman family.  With their guidance, my Vizsla and I have ventured into Field, Show, Agility and Rally with success.  I always know Kathy and Jeff are only a phone call away.....very comforting for this first time Vizsla owner!!   Thanks guys!

             Jenny Thill owned by "Tobey & Riley" ~ writes

We wanted "just a pet" when searching for our first Vizsla puppy.  While our 2  JNEK vizslas are beloved members of our family, they have also introduced us to the world of dogs.  Our dogs are great personal hunting companions and spend countless weekends searching out wild pheasant each fall.  Both dogs were Show Champions at young ages and have titles in Field,Agility, and Obedience venues.  JNEK  V's are very intelligent and can do it all!  We have appreciated the mentoring provided by Kathy and Jeff throughout our various experiences.
          CH JNEK's Super Charged "DANI"

      ~Joanne Soyke owned by "Clever" ~ writes
Clever is my first Vizsla and although I educated myself about the breed before I got her, there was still so much to learn. Hunting was one of those things and I never thought I'd ever get into it, but after Kathy suggested our first hunt test we were hooked. I didn't do a lick of training and Clever passed her JH with only 4 times in the field. This was pure natural ability and nothing that I did as a novice handler. Clever looked so beautiful out there and had such a great time doing what she was bred to do that I was hooked. She came away with her JH title as just 6 months old. She also got her CGC at only 6 months old. This dog is ready and willing to learn whatever I want to teach her and Kathy is there to help me teach what I don't know. Agility is our next venue and she is progressing better than I could ever imagine. Obedience, Rally and Field work are not to be forgotten, but with this versatile girl, she can take it all on if her mom can keep up.
If you want versatility and work to get it, the JNEK dogs stop at nothing to make their owners look great.

Thanks Kathy and Jeff for the opportunity to own such a wonderful girl.

             Jo Lynn Baltzley owned by "Lilly" ~ writes
Dear Kathy and Jeff,
We have the most amazing gorgeous,Vizsla in Lilly as a companion, field trial winner, quail hunter, and snuggler!!!
She is one of yours.
Anyway, Rod and I have been thinking of another puppy. Rod is heavily involved in the Louisville Quail Forever chapter. I just wanted to check in with you as we know first hand what quality dogs you have. Lilly is absolutely the best Vizsla you could breed.
Please let me know what puppies you have coming up. We would want another female.
Thank you,
Jo Lynn Baltzley

              Julie Callison owned by "Chloe" ~ writes

Kathy,  I know you hear this hundreds of times, but I cannot thank you enough for her. She is EVERYTHING we had hoped for in a dog and more!!!   Chloe has such a playful, fun personality yet is smart and loving. Again, I know you know all of this, you're saying to yourself, "Of course!!"   But I really felt the need to tell you how much we all love her. She is truly like one of my children and don't know what I would do without her.
Julie Callison (and family) 

   Kathy Martino owned by "Rosie & Annie" ~ writes  

Having owned Vizsla's since the late 70's, I decided this time I would do my homework and find a reputable breeder of quality dogs. After a lot of research Jnek Vizsla's was where my search ended. Kathy & Jeff's knowledge, dedication, commitment to breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments made my decision to purchase a puppy from them easy. I was so impressed I bought two puppies from them. Both of my Jnek dogs are conformationally correct, very trainable, poses great hunting instinct and most importantly are GREAT pets! 

         John Stillwell owned by "Chloe" ~ writes

Kathy and Jeff are the greatest. After being dogless for a few years, Peggy and I wanted a new friend. Meeting and seeing the Jnek Vizslas at the Chicago dog show we were hooked. We brought our new puppy home, and are amazed at this great dog! Outstanding hunting skills, loving companionship, beauty and grace. She loves the water and woods of Wisconsin, the Hills of Texas, and travels better than most adults. A real Velcro dog, and great family member. Anyone wanting a great Vizsla, contact Jeff and Kathy.  

          John & Lorie Connell owned by "BO" ~ writes

We were looking for a hunting dog and good companion and
after much research we decided on the Vizsla breed.  We found JNEK Vizslas on the internet and have been very pleased with our 10 month old puppy.  Jeff & Kathy have been extremely helpful, and have given us guidance with any questions we have had.  We will in the future buy another JNEK Vizsla.  We would with out hesitiation recommend JNEK Vizslas to anyone looking for a quality Vizsla!


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