JNEK Pedigrees can be viewed on these Data Bases

    To search our dogs just type- JNEK or JNEK's

Vizsla Field Trial Data Base 
(dogs that have won or placed in FT-last 10 years)

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA-Hips Ratings)

The Vizslas that show up are dogs that are 2 years old and older.   
All our Vizslas: Sires - Dams - Siblings - Offspring - Relatives will be shown. 
Click on the dog you want to view.  Each page will show the health tests performed, OFA ratings- Cardiac ratings-Thyroid ratings and Elbow ratings if done.
At the top of each dogs page is a Vertical Pedigree. Click on that to view pedigree.  You can look at many generations back, by clicking on those dogs. 
All our Vizslas are AKC - DNA'd and have been permanently identified.  If Vizslas are not permanently identified, the health information will not be put on that dogs AKC registration papers and will not be filed with the AKC. 
As owners and then breeders of Vizslas we have been involved in the AKC- DNA program since the 90's.
All of our puppies are micro-chipped by our Veterinarian, and DNA'd before they leave our house. 
This site is a great learning tool in understanding what breeders do to ensure the best in their programs.  

  Kathy & Jeff Engelsman
Vizsla Breeder In Illinois
Puppies Occasionally
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
JNEK Vizslas Blog

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